Hannah Ausband Scheidt is a freelance composer based out of Atlanta, GA. 


Hannah received her BA in music from Berry College in Rome, Georgia. After graduating in 2014, she moved to Atlanta and began working professionally, partnering with artists from many different fields and backgrounds. As a result she has had the pleasure of composing original scores for a wide variety of projects, including theater productions, podcasts, independent films, and more. 

When not writing music, her time is spent teaching music theory classes and raising her two boys.

"Soundtrack to a Home Video"

A note from the composer:

I felt this song deserved a place in my bio, because I wrote it as a score to my own little world. It was recorded entirely in our home and captures the sounds of our daily life - coffee brewing, my son’s toy blocks, the out-of-tune piano in the basement, my own constant humming, and even (if you listen closely) the sound of our floors creaking under the weight of life being lived. It is dedicated to all of the mothers and homemakers in my life who are out there changing the world one little human at a time.

Thank you all for being here and taking the time to listen.